Tips On Dining Room Designs For Small Spaces

Do you have a small dining room, but still want to make it look stylish? Before choosing the right dining room designs for small spaces, you should firstly draw a rough draft of the room, to help you get a clearer image of what kind of furniture you should purchase and how big they should be. One thing that you should avoid in decorating a small room is purchasing the furniture that are too big for the room. If you do so, the room will definitely look overcrowding once the furnitures are stuffed into. Besides, the furnitures, especially the dining table will be much more functional and can become the central point of the room if it comes with a suitable size and design.

Paint the walls with light colors

It is believed that such airy and light colors on the wall can effectively evoke the larger impression in your small space. Although you can still use darker colors, they can eat up and make your room look tiny if you cannot apply them right. Therefore, if you are not sure to use the darker shades of colors, you better try the safe light colors like light blues and light greens, since these colors can work well with any shades of wood.

Use the natural lighting

Besides light colors, natural lighting is also believed to be able to trick your mind to think that the room is much larger than it actually is. That is why, to make your dining room look much more spacious, you are suggested to let as much natural light as possible get into the room.

If you love, you can also hang a small and small designed chandelier on the ceiling, right on the top of the dining table. The right choice of chandelier can highlight the character of your dining room, and also can make your room appear more stylish and warmer.

Place an oversize artwork

As we have discussed before, placing oversized furnitures will shrink your room instantly. However, believe it or not, placing one oversized artwork like beautiful painting or a large pattern on the floor will definitely make your home design look more spacious and bigger. Besides, the artwork will instantly make your room look stylish effortlessly.

Place a large wall mirror

In selecting the dining table for your tiny dining room, you are suggested to choose the slim and simple one. Make sure that your dining table can allow you to have at least 35 inches between the wall and the table. To make your room look even bigger, you can place a large mirror onto the wall next to your dining table. The mirror will give the illusion that your room is twice bigger than it really is. Besides, a large mirror can also reflect the natural light that comes into the room, and makes the room look brighter. That is why, it is not too much to say that placing a large wall mirror is one of the best small dining room ideas that can make your tiny room appear more spacious.

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