Everything You Need to Know about Tuscan Dining Room

What makes Tuscan dining room style interesting? Well, the answer can be the calming lovely color palette of Tuscan style which is vivid hues of green, lavender, gold, yellow, and natural tones of earth. Or for some people maybe its natural, rustic elements and materials found on the Tuscan village which are coming together in every day style that many people want to have it. Tuscan styles also are well known for its simplicity that uses welcoming colors and materials as well as style’s traditions which brings friends and family together.

Things to consider

If you want to design your dining room in Tuscan style and bring the feeling of the region in northern Italy, Tuscany, you need something rustic. Bring fantastic smelling dish on the rustic table for visual addition to its one-and-only style that no style can have the same way. Create your own home designs with the budget you have prepared. Consider these four elements to create the perfect Tuscan style in your dining room. They are including:

  • The walls
  • The floors
  • The accessories
  • The furnishings

Most people who have dining room, the tiles of the floors usually come in the shades of clay, honey, tan, and brown. In reality, a cream or tan tile may be the perfect shade you can start working on. You can create a rustic style theme that you have been looking for.

Keep natural and simple

It will be even better, if you have kind of wood floor in the space. Keep in mind that, the decor and the theme of Tuscan is simple and natural. So, even though your floor seems so bulky and has been used for several years, it will actually help you creating the authentic Tuscan theme and set up the right tone.

Scatter rugs also can be used especially when they are made from natural materials like cotton or jute. They are budget friendly that will bring Tuscan theme alive in your dining room. Try to go to a discount shop for buying home decor to find vintage things and good quality rugs. It is okay to use more than just one rug in your dining room. You can place one of them at the entry and the other one at exit points, or under the table to create a comfy conversation space.

Textured walls

After floor, let’s talk about the walls. Tuscan theme usually brings textured walls that look like walls’ outdoor in terms of the color and material. To save more money, you can choose the color first and then go to the texture. If you really want to save more, just the paint the walls by yourself! You can experiment with the color palette that represents Tuscan theme.

Your dining room is really worth to be designed with Tuscan dining room decor. It is a place that will bring more warmth for your family and friends. Tuscan theme will bring countryside atmosphere that closer your relationship with other. You can browse for picture designs of how Tuscan dining room looks like. Happy decorating!

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