Wonderful Purple Bedroom Ideas That Worth To Try

Purple can be said as the color of abundance and spirituality, making it a good choice for decorating your bedroom walls. If you have not yet familiar with the touch of purple in your room, and still do not have any idea of how to apply it right, then take the following purple bedroom ideas into your consideration in decorating your space.

Purple for Master Bedroom

Because of its impression that can stir up people’s strong emotion, either hate or love, purple is rarely used as the color to decorate a master bedroom. Instead, this color is often used in a child’s bedroom, especially the girl’s one. Purple is more often used in a female child’s bedroom since it shows femininity.

In fact, purple can also be used to decorate a master bedroom, as long as it is done in a right way. The color can enhance the sophisticated impression in the master bedroom, and it is suitable for both women and men.

Dark Purple Walls

Most of people may prefer to play safe with the use of pastel or very soft purple to paint their bedroom walls. In fact, if you dare to use a rich and deep purple on your bedroom wall, you will be able to create a stylish and soothing look to your bedroom. This dark and rich color is not only suitable for bedrooms with a bright light, but it is also suitable for those with a dim light.

The Calming Vibe of Soft Purple

If you do not like dark purple, you can try the lighter tone of this color. Soft purple does give the calming effect to the bedroom owners. It can also enhance the romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Soft purple is, indeed, better than just ordinary plain and neutral colors.

Purple Ceiling

Let the color go all out in your bedroom. You can go beyond the ordinary purple wall, if you want a stronger impression of purple in your room. The combination of white and a little bit touch of purple wallpaper on your bedroom walls and a rich, bold purple paint on your ceiling is definitely a good idea to show that you do love purple. To avoid the overwhelming effect, you can add other accents of neutral colors to your small furnitures.

Glamorous Purple

If you think that purple is a childish color that only suitable for a child’s bedroom with an over dramatic impression, you are completely wrong. Purple can transform your ordinary bedroom into a more sophisticated-looking bedroom if you combine it with the right color accent and furnitures.

If you choose the bold purple color for your walls, you are suggested to avoid applying too much touch of any other color accents, except the neutral and plain ones. Besides, you should also use the furnitures with minimalist designs to enhance the sophisticated look of the room. Those are some purple bedroom decorating ideas that may be suitable to be applied in your room. If you apply it right, purple can definitely evoke the calming vibes, peace, and abundance in your bedroom.

Tips On Dining Room Designs For Small Spaces

Do you have a small dining room, but still want to make it look stylish? Before choosing the right dining room designs for small spaces, you should firstly draw a rough draft of the room, to help you get a clearer image of what kind of furniture you should purchase and how big they should be. One thing that you should avoid in decorating a small room is purchasing the furniture that are too big for the room. If you do so, the room will definitely look overcrowding once the furnitures are stuffed into. Besides, the furnitures, especially the dining table will be much more functional and can become the central point of the room if it comes with a suitable size and design.

Paint the walls with light colors

It is believed that such airy and light colors on the wall can effectively evoke the larger impression in your small space. Although you can still use darker colors, they can eat up and make your room look tiny if you cannot apply them right. Therefore, if you are not sure to use the darker shades of colors, you better try the safe light colors like light blues and light greens, since these colors can work well with any shades of wood.

Use the natural lighting

Besides light colors, natural lighting is also believed to be able to trick your mind to think that the room is much larger than it actually is. That is why, to make your dining room look much more spacious, you are suggested to let as much natural light as possible get into the room.

If you love, you can also hang a small and small designed chandelier on the ceiling, right on the top of the dining table. The right choice of chandelier can highlight the character of your dining room, and also can make your room appear more stylish and warmer.

Place an oversize artwork

As we have discussed before, placing oversized furnitures will shrink your room instantly. However, believe it or not, placing one oversized artwork like beautiful painting or a large pattern on the floor will definitely make your home design look more spacious and bigger. Besides, the artwork will instantly make your room look stylish effortlessly.

Place a large wall mirror

In selecting the dining table for your tiny dining room, you are suggested to choose the slim and simple one. Make sure that your dining table can allow you to have at least 35 inches between the wall and the table. To make your room look even bigger, you can place a large mirror onto the wall next to your dining table. The mirror will give the illusion that your room is twice bigger than it really is. Besides, a large mirror can also reflect the natural light that comes into the room, and makes the room look brighter. That is why, it is not too much to say that placing a large wall mirror is one of the best small dining room ideas that can make your tiny room appear more spacious.

Element for Romantic Bedroom Design You Can Consider

Romantic bedroom design should be able to show cheerfulness to the couple. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, then you should keep the bedroom using the furniture is comfortable and beautiful. Romance has a different meaning for each couple. You should examine what your partner considers romantic. These simple observations can help you to figure out amazing romantic ideas. There are some people who love the rustic setting, the Victorian style, the ancient setting, and the tropical country setting. You can choose one of these designs or make a combination of several designs. Here are some elements that can create a romantic atmosphere.


Most people would agree with the opinion that the fireplace can make the bedroom a romantic one. There is a wide range of modern fireplace designs due to technological advances. The electric fireplace has a realistic look that shows great sound effects. Perhaps the hologram fireplace can also help you get a real fireplace in your room.

The Right Color Scheme

The right color in your bedroom will help you to create a romantic style. The color will change and improve the atmosphere in the room. The color red is considered as the symbol of love. You can paint your wall with a beautiful red color. You can also use curtains and bed covers in red.

Blue is a masculine color and looks calm to your bedroom. This will make him comfortable. You can combine blue and white colors so you will get a clean and neat look. Another color is green. Green is a color that is displayed by nature and has a good healing effect on your feelings. Green will make you feel calm and see the impression of luxury in your bed. Green shades will make your room fresh and alive.

Yellow becomes a color filled with passion. This color can make the room look bright but you should consider the right composition to create passion, pleasure, and comfort in your bedroom. Maybe you can choose some yellow fabric for your bedroom.

Sensuality Touch

It relates to the sense of smell, taste, and touch. You have to choose a comfortable fabric with good looks. You should touch the fabric to get a soft, comfortable cloth.


You should also concentrate on lighting. Romanticism is not only influenced by color but also soft light coming from important corners in your bedroom.


Another factor that can cause a romantic atmosphere is the aroma. You can choose popular scents like vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine, and so on. Maybe you can also choose the smell of the sea for your bedroom. You can buy sprays, flowers or candles to create a romantic and fun atmosphere. You must remember that you have to design your bedroom using the heart.

Perfect Harmony

This is the last part that has an important role. You can choose pieces of furniture with stunning artwork. Do not use elaborate pieces of furniture for small rooms. You can buy furniture with soft colors and simple pieces to create comfort in your room. Furniture with the right composition is the key to realizing your dreams. That’s a simple step for seductive bedroom ideas.

Everything You Need to Know about Tuscan Dining Room

What makes Tuscan dining room style interesting? Well, the answer can be the calming lovely color palette of Tuscan style which is vivid hues of green, lavender, gold, yellow, and natural tones of earth. Or for some people maybe its natural, rustic elements and materials found on the Tuscan village which are coming together in every day style that many people want to have it. Tuscan styles also are well known for its simplicity that uses welcoming colors and materials as well as style’s traditions which brings friends and family together.

Things to consider

If you want to design your dining room in Tuscan style and bring the feeling of the region in northern Italy, Tuscany, you need something rustic. Bring fantastic smelling dish on the rustic table for visual addition to its one-and-only style that no style can have the same way. Create your own home designs with the budget you have prepared. Consider these four elements to create the perfect Tuscan style in your dining room. They are including:

  • The walls
  • The floors
  • The accessories
  • The furnishings

Most people who have dining room, the tiles of the floors usually come in the shades of clay, honey, tan, and brown. In reality, a cream or tan tile may be the perfect shade you can start working on. You can create a rustic style theme that you have been looking for.

Keep natural and simple

It will be even better, if you have kind of wood floor in the space. Keep in mind that, the decor and the theme of Tuscan is simple and natural. So, even though your floor seems so bulky and has been used for several years, it will actually help you creating the authentic Tuscan theme and set up the right tone.

Scatter rugs also can be used especially when they are made from natural materials like cotton or jute. They are budget friendly that will bring Tuscan theme alive in your dining room. Try to go to a discount shop for buying home decor to find vintage things and good quality rugs. It is okay to use more than just one rug in your dining room. You can place one of them at the entry and the other one at exit points, or under the table to create a comfy conversation space.

Textured walls

After floor, let’s talk about the walls. Tuscan theme usually brings textured walls that look like walls’ outdoor in terms of the color and material. To save more money, you can choose the color first and then go to the texture. If you really want to save more, just the paint the walls by yourself! You can experiment with the color palette that represents Tuscan theme.

Your dining room is really worth to be designed with Tuscan dining room decor. It is a place that will bring more warmth for your family and friends. Tuscan theme will bring countryside atmosphere that closer your relationship with other. You can browse for picture designs of how Tuscan dining room looks like. Happy decorating!

Simple Large Living Room Ideas that Will Light Up the Room

If some people usually look for tips and styles to decorate small living room, today we are going to share the styles and designs of large living room design ideas. We believe that no matter what size the living room is, it always has its own challenge and so is large living room. Having a large living room at same point can be an amazing opportunity to design it as entertaining as possible. But if you overdo it, it will not look pleasant and comfortable.

So, the question is, how can style a large living room nicely without making it awkward and easy to be furnished? Let’s check out our tips below!

Think about zones

The first that you have to take note is about zones. While in a small room you usually have only one room and don’t have additional space for furniture, now in a large room, you have more than enough space. Large living room can be designed for not only a sitting area, but also another entertainment corner depends on the size and shape of the room. Identify the size of your living room and what can you do with it. Be creative in designing your living room to make the best of it.

You can design it with writing desk for a small corner for you to work, or have small movie theater with the coziest lazy chairs or sofas. Picturing your family members and friends can help you determine what kind of living room you want to have. Consider your hobby too to create a certain theme in to it.

Divide the space clearly

You can add half pillars, walls, and ceiling beams to divide the room with another room visually. You can design it in a flexible and semi-permanent way that you can change again in the future. You also can divide the room by using curtains, rugs, wallpaper, and even furniture placement to create comfortable space in such a big room. The other furniture to divide spaces within your living room is sofa with its back, a chaise longue, large lamps, and tables between chairs, plants, a large bench, and even curtains.

Anchor the living room

Large room or great living areas can end up very cluttered and unpleasant if you put too many tiny decorations or small pieces in it without something to anchor them. Try to use a sectional, a large coffee table, a piano, a large sofa, or maybe built-in bookcases to help you anchoring the room. And for the smaller pieces you can reduce them or use some of them as accents.

Interior design large living room talks about grand or luxurious things when it comes to design a large living room. But you can start trying simple things to be placed in a big living room. Make a statement and show a little bit of your personality by placing your important things in it like your desk or sofa with bright color. You can browse more pictures of big living room design to add the inspiration.